Everlasting Light

Episode 11: Everlasting Light

To get through the darkest time of the year, or the planet-- Luella Diamond scares off the ghouls of Littleburg.

Show notes

While half of Littleburg is re-enacting what might have been the Second Coming right there, Vince decides he may sell the hotel Liminal to the devil's ex wife, and invites her to try it for a month. She bullies the whisperers out of the counting house of souls in the hotel basement. They may take the other spirits with them-- stand by for season 3, Littleburg without ghosts. Vince flies with Harriet to London to join Cobbler who's been working with the King on the secret mission she and Vince were given by the angel last year , and King Charles's (real ) Christmas speech proves how hard he's been working to fight darkness with light.

Theme by Laurie Anderson

Graphic design by Betsy Sarles.

Produced by Matty Rosenberg & Joan Juliet Buck @ radiofreerhinecliff.org

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