The Cold Light Of Reality

Episode 2: The Cold Light Of Reality

The minute the ghosts are gone, there's no one else to blame but your friends.

Show notes

The Littleburg witch Celeste Granting has to give up her practice and go back to her prosaic old name-- Laura Appleby-- because the invisible world has gone silent since the ghosts were fired from the hotel. Laura no longer believes in the woo-woo stuff: She will devote herself to the dreary mantra IT IS WHAT IT IS. But then she realizes that Pluto is about to go into Aquarius , for the very first time since the tumultuous years between 1777and 1797. Our war of independence and the French Revolution. What heads are going to roll this time? Buckle your seatbelt and get out the popcorn. This announces a wild ride through living history. Come back for the next episode.

Theme by Laurie Anderson

Graphic design by Betsy Sarles.

Produced by Matty Rosenberg & Joan Juliet Buck @

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