The Twist of the Compass

Episode 1: The Twist of the Compass

Littleburg, the Hudson Valley hamlet where the fears and concerns of our period in history are reflected in a mirror not entirely of this world.

Show notes

To kick off the second season of The Serial Tales of Littleburg, author Joan Juliet Buck provides a briefing on the events of Season One, with a comprehensive Who’s Who of the denizens of the Hudson Valley hamlet where so many city dwellers fled during the pandemic. But the the veil between worlds is thinner in Littleburg , and the price of admission may be steep. We learn about the three new witches: Celeste Granting, formerly in HR, now a professional seer with an anger problem; Kenella, a rich elder who sacrificed her good cashmeres to the moths of initiation; and Gigi Larsen, a troublemaker on every level. The locals: Minnie Gonzales the realtor who stalked the creepy heir to a house she wants, Vince and Harriet, puzzled owners of the haunted Hotel Liminal, Ebenezer Shallow, the man who lost his luck through lies, and Cobbler Martin, the luminous young pop star hoping to soothe her thwarted entitlement with a view of the river. We learn about the events last Christmas , a visit that was either a collective hallucination or a true visitation, and left Vince the hotel owner and Cobbler the pop star with the conviction that they had a mission to fight the darkness. After this show, you'll be up to date on the events and ready for the next episodes of the Serial Tales of Littleburg. Season 1 is available at

Theme by Laurie Anderson

Graphic design by Betsy Sarles.

Produced by Matty Rosenberg & Joan Juliet Buck @

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